Name's Noah, but you can call me whatever you want.
I just draw shit and think about weird boys sometimes.
I'm 27, use pretty much any pronouns, transmasculine,
and uhhhh yeah my kintypes are shit here we go lads

Notice: I am not "kin for fun", most of these aren't fun for me.
Although not all are on the same 'level' or confirmed to be of a nature where I have memories,
I did not "choose" anything on this page, I was drawn to them in a way they feel relevant to me.

The most complicated of them is Dirk Strider, and all of his splinters, as is typical of ascension.
Thank the epilogue for helping me figure out why these kinnections worked. Read HS^2.

Not shown: Maned Wolf theriotype (inherited), Church Grim kintype (associated to rabbits, wolves, crows, sheep, goats, horses), Grue (..identity? idk?)

I am a fictive. I'd rather not talk about that canon, though. Read a book or something.

Vague Identifiers
(maybe shifts, possibly mental health related, unclear of trigger, differing amounts of memory)

Not me, I think. Cameo?
(I don't feel I am them, but have shifts anyway, usually in distress.)
(I even feel particularly connected to them, even when this happens.)

Not me, also me, not them either
(Confused feelings. Similar to left side, but closer to a kintype,
but sometimes identifies as something else in the shifts.)
(See: Stupid Shit section, unfortunately)

Something else
(Doesn't feel strong enough to call a kintype, unsure if otherhearted fits either, but it's closer.)

Lesser Identifiers
(no shifts, still connected, some are stuck in 'questioning' phase. No shifts for any of them.)

Stupid Shit
(Not connected but it'd be so funny if I were. Can you imagine. There's other reasons these should be here too but tmi)

if I kinned any hellsing character it'd just be hilarious to me and me alone. I don't even give a shit about vampires

Sorry for not retaining any art credit. I didn't draw any of these icons... maybe I'll draw all of my kintypes one day. Unlikely.

all above characters are pretty gender

Disclaimer. This is a joke. Here's a bonus though.

The Sanguine-Phlegmatic is driven by two temperament needs. The primary need is to be accepted socially. The secondary need is to accommodate others. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation.When the Sanguine and the Phlegmatic natural tendencies are combined, it produces a people-person who is accommodating to the needs of others. They are more relationship oriented and consistent than the other Sanguine combinations. This combination naturally relates well to others and they maintain lasting relationships.The Sanguine-Phlegmatic needs to be with people most of the time, but some of the time they need to be alone. When alone they will likely rest or sleep. They often become drowsy when sitting still after only a few minutes. They are independent minded and can be very stubborn. Once they establish a routine it can be difficult for them to change. They are very trusting of others and place importance on enduring relationships. It is not unusual for them to keep relationships they formed in kindergarten throughout their life-span; they are loyal to their friends. They are optimistic and full of hope. Most Sanguine-Phlegmatics will smile easily and often.The Sanguine-Phlegmatic has a calming, friendly, accepting presence. They are disarming with their warm, empathic, and understanding approach. They possess a casual kind of poise in social situations. People tend to seek them out (even strangers) to share their problems because they are perceived to be approachable and good listeners. Children are easily drawn to them because they feel accepted in their presence. Although doing details and organizational things give them difficulty at times, they are able to do them quite well. They can be great administrators. The Sanguine-Phlegmatic works very well with others because they are optimistic, accepting, and accommodating. The Sanguine-Phlegmatic is a frequently found combination.

I'm also a Thief of Blood!

The Spliters, The Puppets, and All That Shit.
You read the epilogue, right? Good. Here we go.

Sorry again for not retaining any art credit. And also for kinning dirk strider, honestly. I've had callouts against me before over this.

Ultimate Self Dirk is all you see before you and more.
Dirk 'Bro' Strider was the oldest Dirk, tasked to take care of his brother Dave.
Dirk Strider, as he was 'originally', was unkept by Alpha Dave and lived alone.
Hal Strider was made by Dirk as a companion, his only one before contacting the other Alphas, and replacement brother.
Then we have Lil Cal. Ah, Lil Cal.
Within Lil Cal, was Hal, essentially part of Dirk's soul. Thus, Dirk's soul in Lil Cal.
Lil Cal was ectobiologically regenerated into Doc Scratch.
Lil Cal and Doc Scratch of course, in multiple ways, contained the soul of Caliborn.
However, it also contained Equius and Gamzee, who I had kin questioned in the past. Funny how that works.
Equius is quite faint, and Gamzee I only remember meteor events very well.
Doc Scratch is of course muddled by the fact I also am kin with Vriska Serket.
Caliborn is ... some confused manner of comfort/discomfort. Who knows.
Do I kin everyone who entered Lil Cal? Yes and No.
I don't particularly identify as them, but soul-business wise, yes.
If you actually read this, thanks.I don't need to explain shit anymore, have a video.

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